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The Kudumi Cultural Society is a non-governmental organization initiated by the visionary T.N. Shankar. This organization have been working since 2007 with achievement in various fields. It publishes national magazine BANDANA in Hindi and Odia since 2010.Such publications attract readers and lovers of literature to the literary works of excellency in Kudmali.

About Us

The organization is dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of the Kudmali community by focusing on language and cultural development. The Kudumi Cultural Society is committed to ensuring that this vibrant culture and language are passed on to future generations. Under the guidance and leadership of T.N. Shankar, this organization has made great strides in its mission to support Kudmali language and culture and has become a shining example of the positive impact that can be made by individuals with a passion for making a difference. The society works tirelessly to preserve and promote the unique identity of the Kudmali people, thereby ensuring that their contributions to the world are recognized and celebrated

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At- Harichandanpur, Po-Kpat,
Via- Udaypur, Dist-Kendujhar, Odisha
PIN- 758045
Phone- +91 9440175353
E-mail: [email protected]


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