The aim of the bandana.co.in is to enjoy the Jhoomars, Dramas, Stories, Poems, Lyrics through online.In the modern era, ancient culture is always neglected .Now a days people depend on online songs and music.Nobody emphasizes on folk songs and music like as Jhumar and suchtype of cultural activities for online publication . Jhumar is the culture of Orissa,Bengal,Jharkhand.It is not easy to get audio and video CDs from one source.This site makes an effort to fill this gap.


Kudumi Cultural Society

Our Story

Kudumi Cultural Society is an NGO initiated by T.N.Shankar,which is devoted for development of Kudmali language , Culture and neglected people.This organization have been working scince 2007 with achivement in various fields.It publishes national magazine BANDANA in Hindi and Odiya since 2010.Such publications attract readers and lovers of literature to the literary works of excellency in Kudmali.

Jharkhand Ratna Shyam Sundar Mahto was born on 16th July 1949 at Asantalia,Chakradharpur,West Singbhum,Jharkhand.He started his career as a teacher and bagged rastriya Shikhyaratna award on 2009.As a social commitment he has also established Madhusudan Mahto High School and Madhusudan public school exclusively for the poor children. For his social commitment he awarded as Jharkhand Ratna on 2009.On 5/02/2011 elected as vice chairman of West Singbhum,Jharkhand.He is founder of Jharkhand Kudmali Bhasha Vikash Parishad,Chakradharpur and advisor of Kudumi Cultural Society, Harichandanpur.

Mr.Sankarsan Mohanta is a retired teacher,and former president of Swarswati Vidya Mandir,Godgadi.He had a strong desire since his youngstar to become an artist and social worker. As a result of which,”KCS” comes into picture.At present he is working as a chief advisor and organiser of “KCS”.He wants to fullfill his vision and dream through this organisation.